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Treatment Healing


Get healed naturally with no side effects




Keep the doctor away!

Relax - Wellbeing

Choose between a full body massage or a combination of two from head, feet and/or back massage.

Session à 45 minutes 90 CHF

Session à 60 minutes 120 CHF

Every extra 15 minutes 30 CH

Qualified: ZSR V405563

 Find out about reimbursement through additional insurance for alternative and complementary medicine at your health insurance partner.

The session time includes:

Anamnese**, diagnostic, acupressure therapy, health advice and guidance as well patient's undressing and accommodation.

The first session includes patient's full anamnese  and a diagnostic report. It lasts usually until 90 minutes.

Further therapy techniques (cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, ear acupuncture) are individually applied and adjusted to the patient's symptomatic.

**Only in the first session